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I create my reality.

Everything is possible when I decide to make it happen. I am committed to my vision of a better future.

I am creative and innovative. I see things differently. I believe in positive outcomes. I always approach problems with an optimistic attitude. I see opportunity in every situation.

I am willing to give it my best shot. I dare to try something different.

I am committed. I know that if I commit to something, I can achieve it. I use my creativity to solve problems and find solutions.

I can create whatever I want out of my imagination. I believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe that we create our realities.

I look to the future with optimism and excitement.

I am persistent. When I slip, I learn from my mistakes and keep going.

I have faith in myself. I have faith that I can succeed. And when what I want seems to delay, I dust myself off and try again.

I have a burning desire to change my circumstances.

Today, I pursue my goals with enthusiasm. I have the resources necessary to reach my goals. I am prepared to accept responsibility for achieving my goals. I hold myself accountable for my actions. And l ask for help when I need it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What action can I take today to take personal responsibility for my reality?

  2. How can I stretch myself beyond my comfort zone to improve my life?

  3. What can I do today to acquire the energy, strength, and perseverance to reach my goals?

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