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Review: IIN Health Coaching

I graduated as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) at the beginning of 2020 after completing their online accelerated 6-month course. This honest blog post outlines what led me to my decision to enroll into IIN and some of the benefits I have found since doing so. I’d love to hear from you if this is something you’d like more information on, feel free to ask any questions here.

My decision to enroll into IIN certainly wasn’t an impulsive one. I had spent almost a year considering it, weighing up my options, until I finally took the plunge at the start of 2019. I’m the kind of person that likes to read endless reviews and do multitudes of research before committing so it took me a while before I was ready to dive in. In the year 2019, I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Celiac's. Then my child was diagnosed with a autoimmune disease that attacked her brain. I knew I needed a change. I wanted to figure out how to get our diseases into remission. As I immersed myself into the health and wellness space, I knew that was truly where I wanted to be headed. I felt pulled towards health coaching as it combined the two things I was already interested in; education and health!

I already held my Bachelor’s degree in Science, however, the next step was to turn my ‘interest’ in health and wellness into a more formal qualification. When looking at study options I considered a range of courses from nutrition to yoga teaching to studying human behavior change. The problem was, I didn’t actually want to study any one of them alone, I knew that I wanted to take a more holistic approach to health rather than honing in on one specific area.

We now know there are so many elements to be aware of when supporting an individuals’ health journey. I knew it wasn’t realistic to complete a course/degree and become a professional in every single one of those areas so I was looking for a course that would provide me with a nice overview of all areas of a person’s health and wellbeing. I heard about IIN through the internet and I watched a tone of videos about the program. IIN equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be able to confidently support someone working through a range of health challenges and I’m so grateful for my time at the school. The course work and the speakers really expanded my knowledge and thoughts around true wellness.

IIN is the largest nutrition school in the world, founded in NYC in 1992 by Joshua Rosenthal. See the statement from their website below: “We created the field of health coaching. Founded nearly 30 years ago, IIN has become the world’s largest health coaching and nutrition school, with over 100,000 students and graduates in 155 countries. We take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, teaching you that it’s not just about the food on your plate, but also how you nourish yourself through other areas of your life, such as your relationships, career, physical activity, and spirituality.” I can attest to this statement first hand. The course took a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and looked at the whole person rather than just one facet of their health e.g. movement or nutrition alone. Lets look forward 2 years and I’ve started my own business, Wellness Warriors Life, where I’m using the knowledge and skills gained throughout the course to support individual’s make long-lasting healthy behavior change, help people rethink fitness, and paired it with a winning mindset. I spend a lot of time working in a one on one coaching setting where I work alongside individuals to reach their individual wellness goals . This is so rewarding and more people are realizing the value of offering a our outlook to wellness. Click here to view our wellness offerings. I also offer 1:1 health and wellness coaching for women and teens needing support.

I’ve listed some Frequently Asked Questions about IIN’s course below, but please reach out here if you’d like to chat to me, an IIN Alumni, as sometimes it’s just easier speaking to someone who knows first hand what to expect.

Hope this has been helpful. Have a great week, Logan

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